• "Nazrul Festival" to take place at Gulshan
    This year Bangladesh Nazrul Sangeet Sanstha, Arunranjani, and the Gulshan Society will be hosting jointly, a two-day gala event monumentalizing the work of national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam which will be held on February 11-12 at the capital's Gulshan Society Lake Park. It is free and open for all upon online registration.  In this event, renowned artists from Bangladesh and West Bengal,...
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  • Best Cartoon Vehicles
    Cartoon cars have always fascinated us, especially when they were extensively used by our favorite characters and toons! Some of the Car lovers start their love journey with cars from their early childhood. Some of our favorite childhood cartoons always had their fun cars in the background. Here's looking at some of them: The Flintstones Car This one was as iconic as they come! The car was...
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  • Music
    Music, the five lettered word brings upon different meanings to different people. Even while pronouncing the word “music”,  a specific tune or a specific song comes to ones’ head. The perception of music is also an abstract matter since to every individual, music is perceived differently. Some listen to music just to pass their time through the humdrums of life, some...
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    Music in Words is vocal or instrumental sounds or combined in such a way as to produce the elements of melody, harmony, rhythm, pitch, dynamics and the sonic qualities of timbre and texture. The combination is one of the universal cultural aspects of all human societies. Music has a vital blessing part in healing a person mentally via meditation. It is such a mesmerizing natural existence that...
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  • Pop Music
    A music Genre that hits the top record charts of all time with its ephemeral verses and chorus and at the same time the most commercial music genre. The guess is pretty easy. 'Pop Music' is labeled as one of the most hit genres of the time. for its light entertainment, unique vocals, catchy melodies, and sturtucrues always draw attention swiftly. Pop music is the advancement of Traditional...
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    Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel met each other while the production of 'Alice in Wonderland' at their school in 1953. The boys from Queens,New York, decided to sing under the name 'Tom & jerry'. At the age of 15, their first single 'Hey School Girl' was a minor hit. It helped Simon to sign a solo contract and Garfunkel felt betrayed. This led to their first split up. They reunited again...
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