Whatson plus is a Social networking platform based in Birmingham, UK. WhatsOn plus is
creative mind oriented and currently operates through a website. WhatsOn plus is a flagship
product of WhatsOn group. People around the world no matter what ethnicity is welcome to
share their creative work, barter & get feedback from each other.

A platform for Creative mind

WhatsOn plus encourages people to come together to share their talent with each other, to build
a better community, to grow with each other, to have a voice and that voice to be heard

A platform where you talent is cared

No matter how good you draw or how well you write or how great your voice is, In whatson plus
we don’t rate talent, we don’t create differences. We bring people together, this is a place where
you communicate with each other, you give and take feedback, you barter for your service, you
let the world know you exist through music, art, romance and everything in between.