The Meaning Of Easter
    Easter means different things to different people. For some, it is all about fluffy chicks, cute bunnies and eating as many Easter eggs and other kinds of chocolate as possible. For others, it is a time to enjoy the early stages of their sporting season, to socialise  and to have time off work. All these things are fine in themselves. I too like fluffy chicks and cute bunnies ( I have had a real one of the latter at home for almost 10 years). My large appetite and enjoyment of chocolate...
    By Colin McIlwaine 2023-04-05 14:11:07 0 782
    Christmas and New Year Blessings.
    Sending blessings for Christmas and New Year to my friends in Bangladesh. My prayers and good wishes are with you all. I also bring greetings from my home church, St. Martin's (Church of England), in Walsall.
    By Colin McIlwaine 2022-12-12 10:22:08 0 538
    5 Things to do this Easter Weekend
    Easter particularly brings blessings to all not only because it’s a religious holiday but also for its unique double bank holiday. Everyone got four days long off in a row from Good Friday on April 15 to Easter Monday on April 18. It means no hassle of work schedule and emails for the next few days and it’ll be a work-free fun weekend. To-do list for Easter weekend 2022- Easter Egg hunting Get ready with your bunny ears and sign up pronto to grab your rewards. This Easter bunny...
    By Afrin Juhi 2022-04-13 04:23:06 1 824
    Things to know about Religious Fundamentalism in Bangladesh
    The conflict between religious groups is nothing new recently some of the biggest things have turned the whole arena into a significant one point that is- religious fundamentalism. By being a multi-cultural and religious country, Bangladesh must dispute against all fundamentalistic behavior. Things to know about Religious Fundamentalism in Bangladesh Religious Freedom Bangladesh is a free will independent country with a large Islamic religious population. Though its constitution titles,...
    By Sumaiya Akram Shoshi 2022-03-14 11:18:11 1 829
    How should Religious Fundamentalism end and Secularism act in Bangladesh
    There have been several Black Civil rights Movements happened and happening around the globe in human history. It’s like a never-ending fight between two classified genres Black and white. Just how the situation is in Bangladesh. The current circumstances in Bangladesh are slightly worse than ever. Though the conflict between groups is nothing new recently some biggest things have turned the whole arena into a significant one point that is- religious fundamentalism. By being a...
    By Sumaiya Akram Shoshi 2021-12-02 11:54:20 0 1199
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